Frequently Asked Questions

Why is self-government important for the Métis Nation within Alberta?

Self-determination and self-government are inherent rights of all Indigenous people. Prior to Canada’s westward expansion into the Métis Nation Homeland, we governed ourselves in keeping with our own traditions. Collectively, we asserted ourselves as a nation—the Métis Nation. But Canada’s colonial policies and institutions denied our nationhood, uprooted us from our lands, and restricted many of the practices that are fundamental to our Métis culture. The Métis Nation of Alberta has struggled for decades to have our right to self-government recognized and respected. By finally achieving this sovereignty, we will regain control over matters directly affecting us and ensure Métis culture flourishes for generations. We will be empowered to remedy the effects of colonialism in our community. The time has come for the full recognition of the Métis Nation within Alberta's right to govern. To stay informed, please get in touch.  

Why does the Métis Nation of Alberta need a constitution?

A constitution is an essential tool for self-government. A constitution acts as a rule book, clearly defining how any government, Aboriginal or otherwise, will operate and what powers it has. When the constitutions of Aboriginal governments are recognized by other levels of government—federal and provincial—they provide the legitimacy and legal tools we need to respond to our citizens’ needs and provide appropriate services. Learn more about constitutions and why it is important for the Métis Nation of Alberta to create and adopt our own.

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Is the idea of a Métis Nation of Alberta constitution new?

No. The Métis Nation has had constitutions in the past, for example, under the provisional governments established by Louis Riel. The MNA’s citizens have been asking for a constitution for decades. Going back to the 1980s, numerous reports and studies produced by the MNA have recommended the Métis in Alberta develop and adopt a constitution. But neither Canada nor Alberta supported these efforts. Now, with Canada’s support, the goal of an MNA constitution is closer than ever. We need your support and input, please get in touch.  

Who is leading the negotiations process?

The Métis Nation of Alberta’s (MNA) negotiation team includes the MNA’s co-ministers of Métis Rights and Accommodations, senior MNA staff, and legal counsel. The lead, however, must come from the MNA’s citizens. Only together can we build a strong Métis Nation embracing Métis rights. To support these negotiations, we will undergo extensive, province-wide consultations.

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How can I help?

Our inherent right to self-government is a right we hold together. We will only achieve self-government if we work together. Be a part of this historic initiative. Get involved. The MNA will be organizing outreach events and consulting with citizens across the province. Participate. Your Métis Nation needs you. To learn more, please get in touch.